Waste-To-Energy Program


TorZo Surfaces maintains a clear focus on environmental stewardship through the use of recycled, rapidly renewable, and FSC® certified raw materials. In addition, no added urea formaldehyde is present in any TorZo product.
In a continuing effort to expand sustainable practices in the lifecycle of TorZo Surfaces panels, we’re launching the Waste-To-Energy program.


The TorZo Surfaces manufacturing facility is in Woodburn, a community located in Marion County, OR. The keystone of Marion County’s solid waste disposal system is the Waste-To-Energy Facility located in Brooks, OR. By burning waste, the W-T-E facility generates approximately 13 Megawatts of electricity annually, enough to provide power for a city the size of Woodburn every year. As would be expected, the facility performs extensive air and ash quality monitoring in compliance with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. To date, its environmental compliance record has been exceptional.
Beginning in January of 2015, TorZo Surfaces will facilitate the reclamation of any TorZo panels that have reached the end of their usable life, and transport them back to the W-T-E facility for incineration. This reclamation initiative will be funded by TorZo Surfaces and will be implemented in such a way as to take as little effort as possible by the party, or parties, returning the panels. In addition to this initiative to reclaim unusable panels from jobsites and installations, TorZo Surfaces will be processing all post-industrial manufacturing waste materials through the W-T-E facility.


All panels to be reclaimed by Torzo Surfaces should be removed from the jobsite and packaged for shipping. Large amounts of panels will require palletizing for pickup by common carrier, while smaller amounts can be boxed for shipment via FEDEX or UPS. Full sized panels can be easily cut into smaller pieces to facilitate packaging.
Contact TorZo Surfaces to arrange for pickup of the panels by calling 1-866-822-0002, or emailing wte@torzosurfaces.com.
TorZo will make arrangements to have the shipment picked up and returned to the plant for transportation to the Waste-To-Energy Facility in Brooks, OR.
That’s all there is to it! If certification is required, TorZo will be happy to provide a receipt from the Waste-To-Energy Facility, showing that the material was delivered there for incineration.


Any questions or comments regarding TorZo Surfaces’ Waste-To-Energy Initiative should be directed to wte@torzosurfaces.com or 1-866-822-0002. More extensive details on the processes and performance data for the Marion County, Oregon Waste-To-Energy Facility can be found on their website.