August News - When an Interiors Firm Does Their Own Space…

Saxton Inc., a commercial interiors firm in Des Moines, Iowa, recently renovated their own kitchen, which features TorZo Tiikeri. We caught up with Amanda Schneller, an Interior Design Consultant, to learn more…


Converting a very small break room and adjacent copy room into a large, open concept kitchen



The large island, which is the heart of the space, is made of TorZo Tiikeri in color Natural. It's a space for employees to eat, have impromptu meetings and serve up potlucks.  

“We loved the uniqueness of the look of the material and we felt it blended well with the exposed wood beams in our space. The Torzo top makes a bold statement and it’s nice to be able to share the green story of the product with clients who come into our office."


Saxton had trouble finding a local fabricator to produce the top. So, TorZo not only provided the material, but also fabricated the countertop to their precise specifications, which included grommets for electrical.
"I was nervous about a top that large shipping from Washington to Iowa, but it was delivered in great shape and installed beautifully."


"We’ve gotten so much positive feedback not only from employees internally but also with the clients that tour our space. Our clients are always complementing our TorZo top and asking what the product is and what it’s made of. It really was the best choice and adds a lot of visual interest to the space."


Design: Saxton Inc,
Contractors: DSM Designs and Saxton Inc.
Fabricators/ Installers: TorZo Surfaces, Ideal Floors, Perfection Painting, Hammer Electrical


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You Dream It, We Make It!

TorZo offers turnkey service for tabletops, simplifying the process. You choose the shape, size, pattern, color, edge detail, and finish, and we'll fabricate it. While we have standard options to pick from, we also never shy away from trying something new. 

TorZo tables are durable, sustainable and unique. Our proprietary acrylic infusion process creates amazing strength and durability. Our surfaces are made from recycled post-agricultural and post-industrial wood/fabric boards, which makes them sustainable and gives them a beautiful aesthetic all their own.


Read more!

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We want to see you at METROCON16!


Norton Enterprises has graciously invited TorZo Surfaces to join them in booth #276 at METROCON16.
Come on down for a visit! August 11-12, Dallas, TX

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June News - A Case Study in Functional Design


When FGM Architects were tapped by KJWW Engineering Consultants to renovate their interior office space, FGM chose from a variety of sustainable textiles and products to help achieve their clients’ vision - including TorZo’s Tiikeri. With eye-catching sustainability being a key factor for KJWW, TorZo's Tiikeri was a natural fit for this project. We asked FGM a bit more about the project below.


Project: KJWW Engineering Consultants - Interior Office Renovation
Location: Naperville, IL
TorZo Material: Tiikeri - Sapphire
Application: Wall treatments
Architects: FGM Architects


Can you tell us a little bit about your project?
FGM was contracted to design a small scale, value driven interior renovation and refresh of this client’s existing office. Spaces included their lobby/reception, gallery, major circulation spaces and several conference rooms. The project focused on establishing an updated color palette that would align with the client’s brand and corporate identity. It was essential for the new design to be strategically woven into their existing open office. FGM explored concepts for addressing long expanse of bare walls at the core of their space that occurred at major circulation points.


What materials were used to accomplish this project:
Carpet Tile - Tandus
Floating LVT - Mohawk Group
Collaborative Wall Art (combination of): TorZo, Deko Markerboards, Gage Metal
Quartz counters 
LED linear fixtures replaced existing can lighting


Why was TorZo selected for project?
The concept for addressing the core walls was to add large scale wall panels that serve as points of interest. Dual functionality was achieved by introducing marker boards for drop in collaboration points at major circulation paths where quick brainstorming or conversations would occur. The TorZo material added a uniquely sustainable feature to the project incorporating natural texture with accents of brilliant blue color that tied back into the client’s corporate identity.



Was sustainability important? If so, what are some sustainable features of design?
As designers, we address sustainability in a number of ways. Sustainability was achieved by using products that included post-consumer recycled content and featuring the use of a rapidly renewable material. Our goal was to design features that could withstand the test of time aesthetically as well as functionally.



Any other thoughts about your experience using TorZo?
We look forward to using this product again on future projects. The client was very pleased with the outcome of their project.


Project team:
FGM Architects
Interior Design: Peggy Hoffmann, IIDA and Celeste Karier, IIDA
Principal: Andy Jasek, AIA
Architectural Team Members: Joe Pullara, AIA and Chris Grandy, AIA

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April News - The Red Soles Meet Balsa



We would like everyone to meet the newset member of our family, Balsa! We will formally introduce Balsa at HD Expo in Las Vegas next week (5/4-6), but one of our best customers, Christian Louboutin and 212box (designers of luxury brand Christian Louboutin boutiques), has debuted Balsa already. Their new Las Vegas boutique is wearing Balsa with a custom finish, alongside narrower white washed Tiikeri. It's stunning! And we're very grateful to be a part of it. If you're on your way to HD Expo next week, you now have two places to hit: Christian Louboutin's newest home for his famous red sole shoes, and the TorZo booth (#7129).




Balsa panels were conceptualized for interior designers and architects who continually search for sustainably sourced, naturally lighter and unique material surfacing options. Sourced from rapidly-renewable tree plantations in South America and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, Balsa panels provide excellent strength with stunning raw aesthetics. To achieve this, TorZo® uses proprietary layering processes that retain the natural beauty of balsa while increasing the rigidness-to-weight properties. With raw elegance, Balsa is a premier selection for those looking for sustainable, decorative paneling in commercial or residential settings. 


Balsa Fusion is TorZo’s latest addition to its line of sustainable surfacing materials. Nature provided the balsa tree with its unique lightness and structure, and our proprietary acrylic infusion and dye process enhances and elevates this already beautiful material. Using 100% balsa wood as a substrate, TorZo® infuses each panel to produce new levels of depth and warmth for interior spaces. Balsa Fusion expands the potential of color and texture applications while retaining the desirable characteristics of both durability and sustainability. Perfectly suitable in high traffic and demanding installations, Balsa Fusion can be tailored for nearly any interior application.


NOTE:  Balsa samples will be available mid-May, but you can request them now. Sample requests, product information, and technical data on all of our other products are available now on our products page, or by calling 1-866-822-0002.

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TorZo Heading to Vegas for HD Expo May 4th-6th

TorZo will be exhibiting at HD Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas May 4th-6th!

Come visit us at booth #7129 where we'll be unveiling our newest sustainable surface, Balsa.

Drop by or make an appointment with us!

We hope to see you there!

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Visit TorZo at HD Expo in Las Vegas in May





TorZo will be at HD Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas May 13-15.

Come see us at booth #2053!

HD Expo is the premier trade show and hospitality conference for its industry. Established in 1992 and presented by Hospitality Design magazine, it remains at the forefront by offering the newest and most innovative products and services, encouraging and sharing ideas, providing inspiration and connecting hospitality professionals. HD Expo is dedicated to bringing the interior design industry, architects, owners/operators, developers, specifiers and purchasers the best available resources for their projects. This includes the most informative conference sessions led by top specialists pertinent to today’s industry.

Show Hours:

Wednesday, May 13th  9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, May 14th  9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday, May 15th  9:30 am - 2:00 pm

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April News - Innovative Vertical Solutions


Looking for a cutting edge alternative to typical surfacing materials for your vertical interior requirements? We've got you covered.

Organic based panels from TorZo Surfaces provide a unique aesthetic and durable performance, while also contributing to environmentally responsible design. Based on wood and agricultural composite board, TorZo’s acrylic infusion process brings everyday construction materials out of the shadows and into the spotlight for spectacular vertical applications. Here are a few...






































































For additional photos of TorZo, visit our website and Pinterest page.


Samples, product information, and technical data are available on the TorZo Surfaces website at, or by calling 1-866-822-0002.

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March News - See Striata, Our Sublime New Surface












Striata™ and Striata Fusion Douglas Fir architectural panels in natural wood or acrylic infused.
8 stunning colors. Beautiful. Durable. Sustainable.

The evolution of each Striata panel begins with premium 100% Northwest Douglas Fir structural beams made from SFI® certified lumber. These beams are traditionally destined to be hidden behind sheetrock, laminated and painted as solid core doors, or used as scaffold planking. While useful, these applications overlook the beautiful aesthetic potential within each unique beam. Through our proprietary process, we proudly transform these Douglas Fir beams into visually stunning panels.

Using the Striata panel as a substrate, our exclusive acrylic infusion process transforms Striata's existing natural beauty with color and turns it into a durable surfacing material, Striata Fusion. Striata Fusion is suitable for vertical, horizontal and specialty applications in any interior environment, including high traffic and demanding installations. With 8 distinctive color options, Striata Fusion offers designers an opportunity to select a tailored look that will complement both a natural and stylized interior design aesthetic.














For additional photos of Striata and Striata Fusion, visit our website gallery or Pinterest page.


Striata and Striata Fusion samples, product information, and technical data are available on the TorZo Surfaces website or by calling 1-866-822-0002.

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Jan/Feb News - TorZo Tables Contribute To Sustainability At Café Yumm!

Café Yumm!®
LOCATION:  Oregon and Washington
MATERIAL:  Durum® and Parda®

Café Yumm!® is committed to environmental preservation and stewardship which is apparent in the design of their stores and the materials they choose for them. Tabletops in Parda and Durum from TorZo, which contain recycled wheat straw and FSC® wood fiber, are alongside plywood from sustainably managed forests and reclaimed solid woods. They use energy efficient LED and fluorescent lighting rather than neon. And they subscribe to more than 300,000-kilowatt hours of wind power annually through the Eugene Water and Electric Board’s wind power initiative and Portland General Electric’s Green Source program.

Café Yumm! applies sustainability to all areas of their business. Each location purchases local organic ingredients whenever possible. They recycle and takeout utensils are biodegradable. Additionally, each year, Café Yumm! donates time and money to local non-profit organizations that share their vision of nurturing whole foods, active and healthy lifestyles, and environmental responsibility.

To see additional photos of Durum and Parda at Café Yumm!, please visit our Pinterest boards. Samples, product information, and technical data are available on the TorZo Surfaces website at, or by calling 1-866-822-0002.


TorZo Durum resin-infused panels are comprised of 70% recycled wheat straw. And, TorZo Parda resin-infused panels are comprised of  70% FSC wood fiber.  They are both manufactured in Woodburn, OR and have no added urea formaldehyde. TorZo can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. Its durability makes it ideal for commercial projects. To learn more, visit our website.


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TorZo Announces New Waste-To-Energy Reclamation Program


TorZo Surfaces maintains a clear focus on environmental stewardship through the use of recycled, rapidly renewable, and FSC® certified raw materials. In addition, no added urea formaldehyde is present in any TorZo product.
In a continuing effort to expand sustainable practices in the lifecycle of TorZo Surfaces panels, we’re launching the Waste-To-Energy program.


The TorZo Surfaces manufacturing facility is in Woodburn, a community located in Marion County, OR. The keystone of Marion County’s solid waste disposal system is the Waste-To-Energy Facility located in Brooks, OR. By burning waste, the W-T-E facility generates approximately 13 Megawatts of electricity annually, enough to provide power for a city the size of Woodburn every year. As would be expected, the facility performs extensive air and ash quality monitoring in compliance with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. To date, its environmental compliance record has been exceptional.
Beginning in January of 2015, TorZo Surfaces will facilitate the reclamation of any TorZo panels that have reached the end of their usable life, and transport them back to the W-T-E facility for incineration. This reclamation initiative will be funded by TorZo Surfaces and will be implemented in such a way as to take as little effort as possible by the party, or parties, returning the panels.
In addition to this initiative to reclaim unusable panels from jobsites and installations, TorZo Surfaces will be processing all post-industrial manufacturing waste materials through the W-T-E facility.


All panels to be reclaimed by Torzo Surfaces should be removed from the jobsite and packaged for shipping. Large amounts of panels will require palletizing for pickup by common carrier, while smaller amounts can be boxed for shipment via FEDEX or UPS. Full sized panels can be easily cut into smaller pieces to facilitate packaging.
Contact TorZo Surfaces to arrange for pickup of the panels by calling 1-866-822-0002, or emailing
TorZo will make arrangements to have the shipment picked up and returned to the plant for transportation to the Waste-To-Energy Facility in Brooks, OR.
That’s all there is to it! If certification is required, TorZo will be happy to provide a receipt from the Waste-To-Energy Facility, showing that the material was delivered there for incineration.


Any questions or comments regarding TorZo Surfaces’ Waste-To-Energy Initiative should be directed to or 1-866-822-0002. More extensive details on the processes and performance data for the Marion County, Oregon Waste-To-Energy Facility can be found on their website.

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See Our New Surface, Denim
















The most beloved fashion staple, blue jeans, is now available as a surfacing material!

TorZo Denim is made from recycled denim fabric scraps. The denim board is infused with an acrylic resin and mounted to baltic birch plywood, resulting in a panel that is extremely hard and durable. As with all TorZo products, Denim is NAUF, made in Oregon, and can contribute to LEED certification in several categories. Denim can be used for vertical, horizontal, and specialty applications in any market segment. And, it's easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools and practices.


212box, designer of Christian Louboutin boutiques worldwide, used TorZo Denim for the facade of a Louboutin boutique in Dubai. For additional photos of this project, visit our blog and Pinterest page.


Denim samples, product information, and technical data are available on the TorZo Surfaces website or by calling 1-866-822-0002.

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Hilton’s Sustainable Suites Use TorZo


PROJECT:  Home2 Suites by Hilton
LOCATION:  Nationwide
MATERIAL:  Tiikeri® Natural
APPLICATION:  Wall Paneling
ARCHITECT:  FRCH Design Worldwide

Home2 Suites, launched in 2009, is the first new brand by Hilton Worldwide in over 20 years. The Home2 Suites concept is sustainable construction and management in all areas of the property. TorZo Surfaces has been a partner with Home2 Suites since their launch, providing Tiikeri Natural, made from recycled sorghum straw, as the backdrop behind each registration desk.

FRCH Design Worldwide in Cincinnati, OH, created the interior concepts for the new brand, incorporating such sustainable features as:

-TorZo Tiikeri panels made from post-agricultural recycled material
-Swimming pools that are saline based, requiring no chemicals
-Countertops made from recycled content
-Energy Star appliances in each suite and public areas
-Carpet made of at least 65% recycled materials

When asked what the motivation was for selecting TorZo Tiikeri for such a prominent area in the hotel,  Dave Zelman of FRCH mentioned that the sustainable footprint of the product, along with great durability and ease of fabrication, drove the selection of TorZo Tiikeri.

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August News - Indure, Tough Enough For Middle School


PROJECT:  Rose Hill Middle School
LOCATION:  Redmond, WA
APPLICATION:  Wall Paneling
ARCHITECT:  Bassetti Architects

Indure is TorZo’s hardest and most durable material. According to Jordan Kiel of Bassetti Architects out of Seattle, WA, this is one of the key reasons they chose it for Rose Hill Middle School. With a Janka Ball rating of 7,782 lbs, it can withstand tough environments. Even those filled with nine hundred 6th-8th grade students.

Kiel also shared that Indure's sustainability was important in their decision-making process. Indure is made from FSC® certified wood fiber which makes up 65% of the product. It is free from added urea formaldehyde, helping keep air quality healthy. And, it’s locally manufactured in Woodburn, OR.

Indure was used for wall paneling throughout the school. According to Kiel, who was part of the construction administration team, fabrication and installation went smoothly and were seamless.
The school has been very satisfied with the performance of the panels since their installation last year.

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Christian Louboutin Boutiques Ooze Luxury With Tiikeri


PROJECT:  Christian Louboutin Boutiques
LOCATION:  Over 50 stores worldwide including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo'
MATERIAL:  Tiikeri®
APPLICATION:  Fixtures, Furniture, Walls, Ceilings

Christian Louboutin’s signature red soles are now presented with green soul. TorZo Tiikeri has become an integral part of of the Christian Louboutin boutique finishes thanks to its highly patterned and exotic aesthetic. Tiikeri is used for walls, ceilings, display fixtures, furnishings, and countertops.

Architecture and design firm, 212box, founded by Eric Clough in New York City, has been designing Christian Louboutin boutiques since 2004, when he was recommended to Louboutin by Diane von Furstenburg. The design of Louboutin's shoes inspires spaces with imaginative design elements that reflect his commitment to edgy and sophisticated styling. The boutiques incorporate abundant textures, patterns, and collected pieces, which give them a luxurious layered feel. There are now over fifty boutiques worldwide. Pictures of TorZo Tiikeri in their men’s stores in Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago are featured below…



Tiikeri counter and ceiling in Christian Louboutin New York Men's Store by 212box Arch PC



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