TorZo Welcomes Visitors to Triumph Savings Bank

When you enter the new 25,000 sqft Triumph Savings Bank in Dallas, TX, a TorZo Durum and Parda reception desk greets you. Leigh Anne Neese, the project designer from idGROUP, said “The goal was to be able to stand anywhere in the space and have a view of the outdoors. The TorZo reception desk sets the mood.” Neese told us they were especially interested in sustainable materials for the space, which is why they chose TorZo. Durum is comprised of 70% recycled and rapidly renewable wheat straw and Parda is 70% recycled FSC® certified wood. TorZo was also selected for its unique and organic appearance. Other sustainable finishes used in the space include reclaimed barn wood and glass tiles. Neese said the clients love the space and she looks forward to using TorZo on future jobs. 

TorZo Products: Durum/Cocoa, Parda/Onyx
Designer: Leigh Anne Neese, idGROUP
Photographer: Paul Schiefer, Paul Schiefer Photography

Posted on 08/03/12 in Installations